Jericho Caillte

Drow peacekeeper in the hidden village of Sabwa

Ability Score Modifier Save Total Base Modifier
Str 12 1 Fort 7 6 1
Dex 28 9 Ref 11 2 9
Con 12 1 Will 5 2 3
Wis 16 3 BAB 7/2 HP 60
Int 08 -1 AC 19 Dex 9 Armor 0
Cha 18 4 Grapple 8 Initiative 9
Weapons Shortsword +1 Whip +4
  1. Weapon Proficiency
  2. Weapon Finesse
  3. Weapon Focus
  4. 2 Weapon Fight
  5. Improved Disarm
  6. Dodge
  7. Combat Expertise

In the village of Sabwa everyone has his place. Jericho’s is the diplomat. His strong diplomatic skills and his stern but charismatic demeanor make him a solid candidate for this. Tall for a drow about 5-10, he is handsome, almost possessing a supernatural glow about him.

He was rescued by Marius while still a child and grew up under his wing. He has a number of scars on his back showing what kind of treatment he received before Marius found him. This has not embittered him, however. He looks to Marius as a father figure.

He likes to read, his favorite book is called The History of Celestial Appearances. Likes looking into the dichotomy of things – Celestials/Fiends, Dark/Light, etc. He also has a deft hand at carving and has made a number of intricate book-ends and other various carvings. He is very analytical and tends to think about things very hard and for a long time before he makes a full decision about them.

In love with Kiira Stardancer who is pregnant with his child, Baby Caillte.

Currently trapped in the Ethereal Plane with Logan Foxx. They are currently waiting to be saved.

Jericho Caillte

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