Alanna Silverkin

Character name pronounced "Al-an-uh" like the name Alan with an "uh" sound at the end

Name Alanna Silverkin Class Sorceror/Druid
Level 7/2 Race Human
Alignment Neutral Good Diety Ashleigh
Size Medium Age 28
Gender Female Height 5’3"
Weight 110 pounds Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde/Brown Skin Fair
Ability Score Modifier
STR 12 +1
DEX 14 +2
CON 16 +3
INT 14 +2
WIS 14 +2
CHA 18 +4
HP AC Touch FF Initiative BAB Grapple
55 15 12 13 +2 +4 +5
Weapon Quarterstaff Custom Daggers (2) Armor Baggy Robe Custom Made Robe Leather Armor
Saving Throws Total Base Mod
Fortitude 8 5 3
Reflex 4 2 2
Will 10 8 2


  1. Combat Casting
  2. Magical Aptitude
  3. Jack of All Trades
  4. Improved Familiar
  5. Empower Spell


  • Summon Familiar
  • Animal Companion
  • Nature Sense
  • Wild Empathy
  • Woodland Stride


  1. Common
  2. Elven
  3. Orcish
  4. Druidic


  • LVL 0
    • Resistance
    • Read Magic
    • Detect Poison
    • Daze
    • Light
    • Message
    • Ghost Sound
  • LVL 1
    • Magic Missile
    • Orb of Acid, Lesser
    • Charm Person
    • Burning Hands
    • True Strike
    • Ray of Enfeeblement
  • LVL 2
    • Scorching Ray
    • Invisibility
    • Summon Monster II
    • Whirling Blade
  • LVL 3
    • Fireball
    • Mage Armor, Mass
    • Regal Procession

Druid Spells Choosen by Day


  • Has cloak which adds +1 to Charisma
  • Took “Honest” and “Polite”
  • High Diplomacy (maxed plus bonuses)
  • Jack of All Trades feat taken for diplomacy to be a class skill
  • Craft is alchemy
  • Profession is midwife
  • Started as a sorcerer but found that her path led her to druidism, thanks to Lux. She has since gone back to sorcerer, but knows that she will be a druid when she needs to be a druid and that part of her will always be druid
  • Familiar is Meu, a ragamuffin with a cat-like personality
  • Had a direwolf familiar named Nymeria, but they went their separate ways due to irreconcilable differences.
  • Animal Companion is Conor
  • She is frail looking and plain but is finding that she’s not as frail or as plain as one might think.
  • Motherly and earthy
  • From the small village of Durrand
  • First follower of Ashleigh Cavanaugh
  • In a relationship with Ashleigh Cavanaugh, sort of
  • Loves Ashleigh Cavanaugh
  • Travels with Kiira Stardancer, Jig Sawyer, and Ashleigh Cavanaugh and considers them all dear friends
  • Feels the need to protect and watch over Kiira Stardancer, especially after Jericho Caillte asked her to
  • Has a tattoo of the symbol of Ashleigh on her right shoulder and on her upper left breast (by her heart)
  • Has a wooden ivy pattern cloak clasp from Lux
  • Had a short relationship, the first for her, with Marcus Grey which ended in tears
  • Is coming to realize that she is valuable

There are some things you remember and some things that are better forgotten. All of those things define who you are, although you may not realize it at the time. Even if the memory is forgotten, it still defines you. I am a collection of definition, most of which are remembered, some of which I wish were forgotten.

I remember my father well. He was the type of man who went unnoticed in the activity of each day, contributing quietly, an invisible man doing his job quietly in the corner. Underappreciated and underpaid, my father was a bookkeeper for mayor. He was a weak man, but a loving one. I inherited his frail body and thin hands. My father always had a hug and kiss for both my mother and I. He was quiet, humble, and studious, reading a book whenever opportunity presented. He never really understood me and my powers, but he loved me and tried to understand the best he could. He was protective of his family, even to the end.

I remember his death. It was late in the fall of my ninth year when they attacked. The orcs came out of nowhere, attacking in the night. I was awoken by my mother who grabbed my hand and brought me to the cellar. I remember sitting down there, smelling the dank air and leaning against my mother. I could feel the tenseness in her posture and noticed the way that she held her hand over her stomach protectively. My father stood there, sword in hand. He looked so frail in that moment, clutching the too big sword, ready to defend us. Inevitably, one of the orcs discovered us in the cellar. My father, miraculously, ran the orc through with the sword but not before the orc managed to put a dagger into the stomach of my father. My mother screamed and ran to him. He died there in my mother’s arms, her tears falling on his face, his eyes unblinking at the ceiling. Luckily no other orcs found us in that cellar as we mourned the loss of father and husband.

I remember my mother. She was a strong woman, a woman of happiness, compassion, love, and joy. She always had a smile for everyone and a song for every day. She constantly encouraged me to explore my sorcerer abilities. She loved to kiss and she loved to hug. She loved.

I remember the early summer following my father’s death. My mother lay on the bed, screaming and writhing in pain as the midwife encouraged her to push. I held the cool cloth to my mother’s head and held her hand when she needed me too, encouraging her. Finally, after one great scream, my sister came into the world, screaming and pink. The midwife wrapped the baby in a blanket and put her to my mother’s breast. My mother kissed her head, whispered “Annabelle” and smiled at the baby. “Love her,” she said handing the baby to me. She then gave me a smile filled with love and closed her eyes. I don’t remember what happened next clearly except that the midwife explained to me that my mother was very tired and that I should let her rest.

My mother recovered from the birth but was left incredibly weak. I picked up the slack, caring for Annabelle, doing the chores, cooking, and keeping the house. I didn’t mind. I wanted to do whatever I could to make my mother happy. I remember the laughter, the smiles, the love we had. And then, in my 15th year, I remember going to wake my mother up but she didn’t wake up. She had finally found peace.

Annabelle and I cried for days, going through the motions. She didn’t quite understand why mother died. I was patient and loving with her. Together, through love, we found a peace about our mother’s death. I raised my sister after that and we became the best of friends. Finally, when Annabelle turned 17, she found a man who loved her. Just before her 18th birthday, he proposed and just this past year, after her 18th birthday, they were married.

Now I’m left finding myself wanting to go see the world. My little sister has a great man to take care of her and it’s time I move onward with my life. I was never ready to leave until now. But finally, I’m ready. I’m not quite sure who or what I am. But I do remember my mother once telling me to value my powers and to use them for good. I promised her I would. And I will. It is time.

Alanna Silverkin

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