Jig Sawyer

Half-Orc Barbarian who mind is simple yet complex

Name Jig Sawyer Class Barbarian 6/ Reaping Mauler 4
Level 10 Race Half-Orc
Alignment CG Diety None
Size Medium Age 22
Gender Male Height 6’2”
Weight 250 pounds Eyes Green
Hair Black Skin Green
Ability Score Modifier
STR 22 +6
DEX 14 +2
CON 16 +3
INT 9 -1
WIS 18 +4
CHA 10 0
HP AC Touch FF Initiative BAB Grapple
135 12 12 10 +2 +10/+5 +25/20
Weapon Gauntlet of Grimm (+3 to grapple, -2 to damage, deals lvl in damage on top of any damage dealt while grappling) Armor None
Saving Throws Total Base Mod
Fortitude 12 9 3
Reflex 8 6 2
Will 8 4 4


  1. Improved Unarmed Strike
  2. Improved Grapple
  3. Clever Wrestling (Bonuses to grapple to escape from larger creatures)
  4. Earth’s Embrace (1d12 dmg/rnd everytime person is pinned for a full rnd_
  5. Mobility
  6. Reckless Rage (additional +2 to Strength, +2 to Con and -2 to AC in rage)


  • Dark Vision
  • Orc Blood
  • Fast Movement
  • Illiteracy (Can Read)
  • Rage 2x/day
  • Improved Uncanny Dodge
  • Trap Sense +2
  • Adept Wrestling +2 (+2 to grapple, escape artist, Strength, and Dexterity checks)
  • Counter Grapple (Use grapple or Escape artist and then other check as free action if first failed)
  • Sleeper Lock (If pinned for 1 rnd, make Fort save (DC=18=10+Mauler lvl+Wis Mod) or fall asleep for 1d3 rnds)

Jig was brought up high in the mountains of Chorio. He and his brothers and sisters of the barbarian tribe of the Dragon all lived up high in the mountains. He was brought up to hunt for himself and take care of himself. His most important lessons, however, were that of others. His father was once chief of the tribe. He always pushed that although one man was in control, every man had equal parts in protecting there way of life. This lesson is one that has always stayed with Jig since he first heard it.

Jig was raised a warrior of his tribe. His father was removed from power by a more powerful warrior. This barbarian is named Arklet, a Human barbarian who’s pride was seen as a strength for his people. They began to come down from the mountain and spread out to see what was below them in terms of food and supplies. Jig’s father never wanted the tribe to do this for fear that things would happen beyond there control. Arklet had no qualms and began taking what he saw was his and his tribes. Trees, food, game, even some slaves from other races were being taken by this leader of the Dragons. Jig and several of the other barbarians did not like this way. It was not as natural as Arklet said it was. It seemed as if Arklet was to prideful, not afraid of things that he should be afraid of. However, Arklet was there leader and they would do what was needed until someone else decided to take lead.

Time passed and Jig started to become quite strong. He would always be climbing the mountain up and down, trying to find new things on the lower elevations. Finally the day of Jig’s dreams had come, his adult ceremony.

In the tribe of the Dragon, you must prove yourself an adult on your 22nd day of birth. To do this, the leader will put forth a challenge to that person. If they can do the challenge, no matter how difficult then they would prove themselves worthy of respect of the Dragons. This would allow them to enter into the final stage of adulthood, the spiritual journey of dragon’s flames. Jig was ready for anything. He was good with his hands, he was as strong, if not stronger than any barbarian in the clan. He knew that he could pass any test of strength thrown at him.

His 22nd day of birth came on a misty morning in the mountains. Jig put on his armor of choice, a heavy metal shirt he had found on one of his journey’s top the lower lands. It still had a little blood on it from the man he found it on, but it was good enough for him. He went up into the mountain paths to reach the peak, where every test of age is done. As he approached he heard the guttoral calls of his brothers. the woman of the tribe were not allowed here, this was when men were made into men, no woman would be allowed into this sacred area. They had there own tests of strength, but the men were still considered to be the strongest of the tribe at least in principle, if not in practice, for many woman were stronger than some of the men, but all were happy with there place. The time of his birth right had come. He entered the circle that was made of animal bones. The cold air blew past him, making his hair stand up, but no other movement came from Jig. He waited silently, praying in his mind to Kord, his god of choice, his deity of Strength and honor. Arklet stepped forward from the crowd and the men were silent. Arklet made a heart pounding speech about honor, loyalty, strength, and heart. The words were from a man Jig did not see as anything more than a pile of muscle, no real barbarian of honor and heart would enslave people as he did. He was not a good leader and he was not the person he wanted telling him how to become a man. The anger inside of him started to boil. Jig had felt this anger before, almost everytime he saw Arklet, but never so strong. THis man was not a wise leader, he was just as weak as the lower landers were. He would probably even hand out a puny and easy to do test in order to just add Jig to the group of men he controlled. Jig’s fists began to clench. He wanted his father to be leader, this man had won leadership from an old man who had no strength left in him. Had his father still been young, he would have thrown Arklet out of his room, and allowed him to roll down the cliff….

Arklet finished his speech and looked at Jig. “Jig my boy, your task to become one of the Dragons is to enter into this ring of bones and wrestle me to the ground.” Everyone was quite. Jig couldn’t believe this, he was to attack the leader of his clan? he wanted to but should he? His last question in his mind was answered by a nod of a head, his father’s head in the crowd. Jig lunged for Arklet without hesitation.

The fight went for at least an hour. Both men began to get tired, and both men kept pressing on. Jig felt the blood in his veins surging and he let out a roar to Kord, his muslces burning, his body acheing he lifted up the leader of the Dragons and he lifted him up above his head. He yelled the words of denial. He told Arklet that he was not his leader and never would cause dishonor to his people again. Arklet tried to get off, but it was too late. Jig threw him off the cliff life a child throws a toy truck down a set of stairs.

The men were stunned. Many clapped at his feat of strength, most were just awestruck. The question now was who was the leader of the Dragons? Jig had beaten the old leader, but he was not officially an adult to do so. His father stepped forward and named Jig a warrior Male of the tribe of the Dragons. Everyone was in agreement and Jig’s father took over the Dragons.

Jig then felt a cold hand on his shoulder. He knew it was time. He looked behind him and saw the figure of a beautiful human woman floating in front of him. Beckoning him to enter the world and find his way. He told his father and then left immediatley. The Barbarians of the Dragon still talk about Arklet, and how his foolish pride cost him his life at the hand of a new man.

JIg has spent many months on his spirit journey. He met a lot of new people and befriended some of the most interesting people he ever met. Kirra Stardancer, a elf who was turned into a drow. He felt sorry for her and took her on as the first part of his quest. Alana a woman who Jig helped form his traps and then helped her in many way along the way. Ashleigh Cavanugh, a human whos true destiny was to become a God among men and for them as well. He saw all of these people as very interesting, but they were also a bit much for his first time out. He spent most of the time with them simply listening into there words and interjecting only if he felt it humorous or something really needed to be said. Jig felt almost useless except for his strength. He was brought up to view his strength as his persona. Jig joined the church wanting to see if stregnth was truly part of his path of life. Jig has been traveling for a while and is ready to really understand himself. He finally got mad at some of his friends for treating him like he was nothing more than a man who just wanted to fight and hunt. He knew he was more than that but he had portrayed himself as just that. He may not know how to speak well but he doesn’t care. he learned what he could and he is ready to step up and stop people from simply seeing him as the muscle of a group. He is going to start really lookign forward at his path and see if that is his way he wants to go. Ashleigh once said that a man has many paths, however a person can change paths as well up until the end.

Jig has seen a lot in his short time away form his tribe. He has seen a god fall and rise again, he has seen husbands get killed to rise again, he has seen destruction and rebuilding, he has met good friends and great allies. He met Arklet again and this time he wears his head as a banner of pride, on a necklace over his chest. Jig now has 3 tattoos on his body that represent the things that mean the most to him. He has a symbol of a negative of a loot, he has a weird symbol on his spine that looks like a star, and a upside down picture of a woman on his chest. he only speaks of them if needed, but it seems whenever he does speak of them he tears up for just a moment. He looks down at his chest and his resolve is renewed. He has taken leadership of the clan of the dragons. He feels that the spirits did not leave him when he forsook them, they only pushed him where he should be. He now leads a tribe of barbarians 60 strong who stand guard over the islands to the north of there home. Few know why they protect those islands, but they will fight with ferocity if anything is ever not how they want it to be.

Jig misses his friends, but he knew that one day he would have to leave them. He could not truly see himself settling in a smal community of friends, even though he desperately wanted to. He saw his home in these people and home is where he must go.

Jig Sawyer

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