Directly translated means Hidden in Draconic. Hidden village of outcasts. Humanoids who have little to no desire to arm society, and yet are not accepted in it for various reasons. Jericho was born of the union of a drow and an elf. Outcast as an abomination, sent to a human village where it was believed people were “more tolerant” of outsiders. This was a mistake. He was seen as a drow and shunned until the age of 8, when an old man with a peculiar familiar adopted him with no questions asked. This “man” turned out to be Marius. They lived in a single house well off the beaten path for quite some time, until it was discovered that a gnoll and a drow were living together, the locals stormed their residence. Marius and Jericho would have been killed had the Brujha tribe not stepped in and hazarded the locals long enough for the duo to escape with a few priceless books and the clothes on their back. Jerichoworked tirelessly to increase his fightting skills. When the Brujha tribe was slaughtered, it was their turn to aid by sheltering Logan as one of the two sole survivors. To his shame, he remained behind in Sabwa while his brother Micah Foxx sought vengeance on those responsible for his tribes obliteration. Logan gave his brother the only thing he had left from his tribe, a vest composed entirely of small bones. It was honored to Logan during a ceremony that recognized him as the most potent warrior. It is said to have had spiritual powers bestowed upon it. Micah and the vest were never heard from again.

Some time later Grimm Darkhammer found his way to Sabwa and never left.

The New Sabwa

After Sabwa was burned and their place of residence found, Sabwa was to be moved to a new location which Marius was taking them with his teleportation spell. However, the teleportation spell went awry and the residents were scattered throughout the continent and the planes.

Finally together again, all the residents “saved”, the group now resides in the new Sabwa located on an island off the eastern coast, a ways from Amber Rose Port.


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