Graven's Ledger 2

Passage 1

Darien and the others have taken a turn for the worse since arriving here. Many of people having taken Ascension have begun to get ill. They are constantly irate and are prone to violent outbreaks. This is something to inspect very carefully, for these side effects were quite unanticipated. Also worthy of note, Willow can not be awakened. She seems to be in some sort of self contained sleep stasis, she has now reached the one month status without food nor water. I am beginning to fear for my daughter, and what I may have brought upon her.

Passage 2

I have finally reached an accord with my Wood Elf friends in the north. They have agreed to look after Darien and the others whop have begun their deformation process. They have decided that it is best for us all if we were to find a cure for the horrors I have bestowed upon them, and now that it has become apparent that the disease can be transferred thru a small tube that has begun to grow out of their throat. Extremely odd. The Wood Elf druids to the north believe they have a solution to our quarantine problems. I only hope that they reach the sparse woods before their restraints are compromised. The newly infected who show the first signs of negative effects will be sent north immediately. I have found an apprentice to aid me in the process of finding a cure, a young wood elf druid by the name of Decker Silvanni.

Passage 3

Willow has not eaten in 6 months, she has not stirred. Her biology has reacted in a positive way, but to a greater extent. She is sprouting feathered wings, and now hovers approximately 3 inches off the table. I am terrified that I may have transformed my daughter into some sort of monster. Although, heavens bless, she is still free of Abaddon’s mark.

Passage 4

Willow is awake and terrifying in her beauty. She does not speak, but apparently has powers of some sore of Telepath; affecting things with her mind. The tent in front of her bursts into flame as she looked at it. Small objects around the room move of their own accord when she is awake. Much larger objects move when she is asleep. And objects that are much farther away. I am keeping her under constant supervision for her safety as well as the safety of everyone around her. May the gods grant me the power to find what is happening with her.

Passage 5

I have received word from Decker. A vast expanse of the sparse forest to the north east has been segmented off as a sort of range for Darien and his ilk. No progress has been made toward a cure, but news of my brother haunt me by day. I am told he has hideous leathery wings now, and a poisonous barbed tail. More and more demonic figures flock me in my sleep. I pray upon waking that the druids have the area WELL cut off from the rest of society. I will not fail you Darien, once peace has been made with the daemon breaching the walls of our ether, I will deal with the daemon in you.

Passage 6

The concoction of Desert Blooms, Elm moss, and Spindella seems to be slowing the infection and ebbing the madness that has taken over Willow. It tortures me to see her imprisoned as such, but her powers are extraordinary and she has not the will to use them wisely. She has four of the most competent and able bodied men as escorts. She floats now, 4 feet from the ground. I am the only visitor she is allowed and I make it a point to see her daily for a few hours. She speaks intelligibly now, but in riddles and puzzles. When I pose questions to her, she smiles at me as tho I were a small child learning arithmetic proofs. I fear that as we march against the horde of Abaddon, she will need to be restrained and towed along like a kite. I have a half-orcish man fashioning titanic armor for her so she will not be hurt by stray arrows and the like.

Graven's Ledger 2

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