Graven's Ledger 1

Only 6 passages are legible. All 6 can be translated depending on Decipher Script check.

Passage One:

Today I happened upon a document of the great Silas. He apparently, according o the notes, has found a way to bind powerful spirits to him, trading a sliver of power for a sliver of consciousness. Apparently these consciousness’s have been dormant for years, in some sort of stasis, making a pact with them allows the spirit some time awake.

Passage Two:

After careful forethought, preparations have been made, and tomorrow I shall attempt to recreate Silas’s work and summon a spirit by the name of Abaddon forth from the ether. Silas’s note indicates the pact should last approximately 24 hours. It is my wish to trade the freedom of consciousness for information. I wish to look for any glimpses into the afterlife, if these are indeed long dead souls, or information about the world they come from, why we can connect in this fashion.

Passage Three:

The spirit of Abaddon seems to be incredibly intelligent. We have spent hours over the past 6 weeks discussing everything from Philosophy to Astronomy; dissected matters of planes and the proofs behind arcane energy. He is simply astonishing. He has posed me with a request however which I am intrinsically uncomfortable with. He has asked that I find 23 fellow scholars to take the pact upon themselves as well. I will have to think long and hard about this request.

Passage Four:

In the pursuit of higher knowledge one may make poor decisions to achieve great results. I fear that I may have made a cosmic mistake. Allowing the 23 scholars to take the pact upon them, led to an ever growing cult following. They are calling themselves “The Church of The Ring” and recruiting followers who know nothing about this power beyond the veil. I have rescued the original 23 scholars including my brother Darien and my daughter Willow and we are fleeing to a small island to the East.

Passage Five:

I believe I have finally created a pathogen that will sever the pact ties we have made with Abaddon. But I am sincerely worried about the side effects of such a pathogen. I can not test this disease on any animals because as such animals can not create pacts. I have however gotten mixed reviews with the tests I have tried on the local wildlife. Everything from increased intelligence to a slight soft glow of epidermis. The next step is human trial, and I shall be the first subject.

Passage Six:

I have dosed all 23 remaining scholars with Ascension. Some of them including my brother have shown some worrisome side effects. Darien has developed thick leathery skin. I also have noticed two small tumors on either side of his shoulder blades. He has shown increased irritability as of late.

Our time here grows short, now that everyone has been dosed it becomes time to return to the resistance. A small group that wishes to fight Abaddon has gathered in the white plains apparently under a flaming tree. We will be leaving for there soon. More observations to come

Graven's Ledger 1

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