An extremely small elven village nestled in the middle of the Low Elf forests. At the height of populousness, it consisted of no more than a dozen families. Currently, only about half that number reside there, around thirty elves in all. The village is located above the actual forest floor, weaving in and out of the forest’s branches and blending almost seamlessly with the forest itself. If one does not know of the city or how to look for the city, it usually remains hidden in the treetops. The city has existed for several centuries and has managed to avoid any violent conflicts or attacks due to its hidden nature and the reclusiveness of its villagers. Elven travelers very rarely make their way to the village and a non-elven visitor has occurred only a handful of times in the centuries that the city has existed.

The city is very self-sufficient, a villager leaving the city for another city being an almost unheard-of occurrence. Kiira Stardancer’s journey and subsequent absence of a little over fifty years is the longest that a member of the village has been gone with an acknowledged intent to return eventually. Many in the city believe her to be dead due to her extended absence and lack of any sort of communication with anyone else in the village. Her father, Tarathiel Quentillian, set out to find her about forty-five years after her departure. After five years of fruitless searching, he returned, saddened yet sure that she was no longer among the living. On the fiftieth anniversary of her departure to pursue the bardic tradition, a small funeral was held for her. Traditionally, a protective rowan tree is planted over the loved one’s body to speed the journey of the soul to the world beyond and to continue the cycle of nature; giving back to the forest what the elves had borrowed from it. With the absence of an actual body, however, a ceremonial rowan tree was planted above her few belongings that had been left at home instead.

Kiira Stardancer was born and raised there, firstborn daughter to Silvrienna and Tarathiel Quentillian and the only child to be born there in several centuries. Kiira translated the elven surname Quentillian into its Common language translation (Stardancer) when she arrived in more populous areas of the country.

Tarathiel Quentillian is another elf of note who resides in this small community.


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