Tag: Townspeople


  • Dahlia Malloy

    Dahlia is a dancer, an amazingly beautiful woman who has a really sweet looking outfit. Her appearance seems to match her demeanor. She is very kind and sweet, though a little soft-spoken. She has a certain air of mystery about her and keeps most of …

  • Brian Kelly

    Brian is from the town of Chesterton. When lycanthrope attacked his town, they killed his wife and child. He blames himself in part because he was at the tavern when they were killed. He loved them both very much. Some time later

    Marcus Grey

    * From Illidia * His father was the man who led the people of Illidia to "the next level" * Womanizer * Had a short relationship with Alanna Silverkin in …

  • Ellery Silvanni

    Studying Drokthiiri because he wishes to discern the pathogen that causes the disorder. Is in possession of one of the only transports to the canopy floor.

  • Lux

    Druid who resides in Covington. Friend of Ashleigh Cavanaugh and [[:alanna]]. First introduced

    Mhairie Kelly

    Resides in the town of Covington. She has two children, Stephanie and Simon. After the man who took care of her and her children died, Mhairie was forced to take to the streets to put food on the table for her children. One day she was hired by


    From the city of Shannonvale. He was passing through Illidia on his way to a festival in the port cities to celebrate his marriage with his wife, Simone. They were newly married. He and his wife mysteriously disappeared six years ago, last seen in Illidia.