Ghosts of Illidia

JIG's World

WOW! I work so hard at living alone, NOw I have friends! IT SO weird who they are, but now they friends! I have a drow/Elf/Drow/elf thingy buddy who really elf, but look like drow, though say she elf. I no know if elf or drow for real, but she nice so I nice to her too. Her name Kiira. Another friend shoot blobs from her hand! She say words and then magic blow up her enemy! I no like the wy she fights, but she still good friend. Magic is a thing that nature has control of, if others control, spirits sad and want revenge. Alanna is the magic friend. But I scare her last time we fight. These weird creatures attacked us in woods. They have slithery mouths and lots of tentacles all over body. They kpet hitting me, so i got mad. I Let out a long breath and then crushed 2 of them, then I smashed last one with body of one of there friends. She then cry, she say orcs kill her family and my anger make her sad. I don’t know why, I only half orc, not orc. Meh, it ok she better now. Then cleric named Ashleigh. He weird at first, he like to appear and dissapear, I think he actually wizard in disguise. He just appear one night before bed. He must just wanted yummy bunny food I made, it probably smell really good to him. He join us to capital trip. We all go to capital. Maybe help Kiira, but no matter what, we find my purpose!

Kiira 1

It’s been a long, lonely time since I’ve had traveling companions. So long I had almost forgotten what it was to be part of a larger group. I feel old memories rushing back and it rekindles what I thought I had lost forever. It began a few days, maybe a week back. I was traveling to the capital through the forests. As usual, not exactly on the path but skirting it to the side. Somehow I missed a trap placed on the ground and got my foot caught. Not a particularly harmful trap to larger creatures, I quickly extricated myself from it and reset it, planning to continue on my way. This was not to be, however. A large half-orc, dressed in tattered and varied animal furs from the waist down and a silver chain shirt; an odd sight. He came upon me before I could make myself hidden. I hesitantly turned toward him, expecting the same reception I had gotten in numerous cities since “The Change”. Whether it was unawareness of what drow were truly like or through not caring, he actually accepted my company and we decided to share a dinner of roasted rabbit together. I was so excited to find someone to join me after all these years that I happily acquiesced to the invitation. It was not long after that that we heard another snap. Jig, my newfound companion, went to investigate and came back carrying a frail-looking woman. He dropped her by the campfire and she introduced herself as Alanna Silverkin. Amazingly, she too seemed to have little trouble with my appearance once I’d explained what had happened. We shared our dinner of roasted rabbit together happily, deciding to venture to the capital city together. It was more of a relief than I had thought possible, to be able to share my meal with others when I had been a solitary wanderer for so long. I could not believe my good fortune. Jig’s trap went off again and he went to investigate it. He returned with more rabbit. Jig began to roast the additional rabbit as we continued conversing. And then something very strange happened. Through the shadows stepped a strangely-dressed human-looking man. He sat down at the fourth spot around our campfire as if he belonged there. He was dressed in leathers, decorated with small symbols of different deities- too many to mention. We were startled at first, but as he seemed to mean no harm, I had no problem when he joined our group headed for the capital. He introduced himself as Ashleigh Cavanaugh. So our group was formed. Though we didn’t trust each other completely as yet, everyone seemed alright to me. We headed towards the capital. Encountering a few lizard creatures along the way to the next city, we quickly dispatched them. They seemed to be creatures that trapped by using bait. The unfortunate last victim, a young woman, we buried. Ashleigh purified the poison from the meat and we continued on to the capital. Two times after, once to me and once to Jig, the strange woman appeared in our campfire, now turned to a flickering blue, and thanked us for laying her body to rest. She asked us to help her, though she didn’t say how, and said she was from some place called Illidia, which I’ve never heard of. We continued toward the capital. After a brief stop at the next village, with only a few small mishaps, we continued on. I did meet an interesting dancer in that village, though. Her name was Dahlia and she seemed very nice. The only strange thing was that I noticed she had dark, black skin under her veil. Drow? I do not know. I would have confronted her except that she wasn’t with any others and did not seem at all like the vicious drow that attacked Lythiiri. Perhaps she was another like myself, cursed with the appearance of what she was not. I would not want anyone killing me for no reason other than my skin, so I decided to let it be. Perhaps I had even seen wrong, and it was not drow skin under the veil, but only a trick of the shadows. Revealing myself by fighting her, only to discover that she was not drow at all was not a wise thing to do, and so I did not. We continued onwards. We encountered some strange cat-like creatures with numerous slippery tentacles. There seemed to be a lot of them at first, but most of them disappeared after just a hit or so. I decided later that they must have been something like the mirror image spell, only changed a bit so that they could actually hit instead of just appear. Unfortunately, the encounter with these things had led us off of the path. Jig and I tried our best to find the way back but both found the path to be in totally opposite directions. What to do? We couldn’t both be right… Jig climbed a tree, more quickly and accurately than I would have deemed possible, and spied some smoke coming from a distance away to the northeast. We decided that that would be the best possible option, as I and the others did not want to be stuck out at night with more of those horrific creatures. So we turned our feet in the direction of the smoke and came upon a small village, only five houses in all. Alanna Silverkin and Ashleigh, being the most normal looking out of all of us, went in ahead to see if we could obtain food and shelter for the night. We waited for awhile until at last Ashleigh came back, bearing a bucket of water for Jig to wash in. He told us that they had been hospitable and that we had a place to stay. He even told me that they didn’t mind me without my hood! Startled, I looked at him in surprise but took off the hood anyway. Strange! So long I had wandered and now so many people were okay with what I looked like! Following Ashleigh back into town, I sent a fervent prayer to Corellan that we hadn’t wandered into somewhere we wouldn’t be walking out of again. Any who were okay with a drow walking into their midst without any problem made me just a little apprehensive. The reason for this, however, soon became apparent. We were greeted by a gnoll! Yes, a wise-looking older gnoll who seemed quite civilized and hospitable. I was surprised, but not too disturbed. He seemed nice enough. He didn’t have enough room at his house, but we were invited to stay at his friend’s house. But the next person who walked into the door was the most disturbing of all. Ebony skin met my stunned gaze as a drow introduced as Jericho walked in. The startled cross of emotions that ran across my face – anger, curiosity, loathing, fear, strange attraction (for he was quite handsome) – were so strong that it took a few seconds to school my face back to neutrality. Unlike Dahlia, this one was definitely a drow on the outside. What to do? A million questions in my head and a flood of emotions roaring through my breast, I followed him to his friend’s house to sleep for the night, along with the rest of my companions. Jericho.....he was not part of a larger group of drow; there seemed to be only one drow in the small village, though I had not met the other two inhabitants. Was he cursed as I was? Jericho didn’t seem to me a drow name, or an elven name for that matter. Was he actually a drow? After all the confusion and hostility I had endured, I didn’t want to jump prematurely to that conclusion for someone else. The drow and their ways were treacherous…yet there was almost no way for me to tell if he was truly drow or merely a victim of their treacheries. If he was drow, he was not like any I had previously encountered. I had studied them as much as I could in my days in the forest and he did not act like any I had heard of. He actually seemed quite kind. I don’t know what to do, I admit. Questions of him turned my focus inward and I barely noticed the entrance to the new house, with its equally strange werewolf-like inhabitant. All I know is that he gave us a room for the night and we went upstairs to get some rest. Jericho left somewhere in the middle of it all, probably to go back to his own house. It has been a very long day, with getting lost and the cat-tentacle beasts. For now, I’ll sleep. Maybe in the morning, when we’ve met his other companions and gotten to know each other a little bit, I’ll be able to tell. If he is evil, which I’m not sure that he is at all, I shall have to attempt to destroy him. Regardless of my other purposes, I made a vow that day when I left Lythiiri, that I would not allow any drow that I encountered to harm another innocent or continue his or her evil ways. I would do my best to stop it, though I myself perish in the process. Perhaps he is not evil at all and there is some other explanation. Then we can continue on our way. Perhaps he had a family? I just don’t know enough yet. It shall have to wait until morning.

Journal Entry 1: Alanna
What an adventure!

I didn’t bargain for the adventure I’ve found myself upon. Not that I’m complaining. I’m excited to finally be able to see the world and use my magic to become the best that I can. I love the adventure and I’m finding so much more inside myself than I knew I had. I am finding my magic and I will use it for good.

After leaving my village, I went wandering, going to the capital to find I don’t know what; a purpose perhaps. While wandering, I heard friendly voices. Upon trying to see the owners of those voices, I found myself caught in a trap made for catching rabbits. The owner of the trap was a half-orc named Jig Sawyer who helped me out and asked if I could help remove a curse on his friend. When I said that I’d try he picked me up and carried me to a fire that he and the said friend were roasting rabbit on. I heard the story of an elf named Kiira Stardancer who had the curse of looking like a drow. A man named Ashleigh Cavanaugh also joined our group around the fire. I’m not sure how I feel about Ashleigh Cavanaugh. He seems a decent fellow, but I don’t trust him and I can’t say why. I have become protective of Kiira Stardancer and promised to help find a way to remove the curse that’s on her. Poor Kiira Stardancer. Jig Sawyer is a very nice half orc. I instinctively liked him; he has a kind soul.

When we first started our adventure to the capital, we heard a woman screaming. We killed the creatures around her dead body, but realized afterwards that she had been dead for awhile. We buried her body and then returned to our quest. But later that night, while Kiira Stardancer was keeping watch, the lady appeared in the fire to thank us for helping her. This spookedAshleigh Cavanaugh. The next night the same thing happened to [[:28635] but she also added that she needed some help. We don’t know what to make of it, but Ashleigh Cavanaugh is even more disturbed. We continued on our way. While walking we encountered some horrible creatures and Jig Sawyer horribly mutilated their bodies. It reminded me of when I was younger and the orcs came to our town and killed many of the people I knew, including my father, rest his soul. After our narrow escape from those creatures, we came across this strange little village with a gnoll, a drow, a werewolf, and gods know what else. They seem nice enough, although the werewolf didn’t like us at first and Kiira Stardancer is having some issues with the drow, understandably. We’re sleeping here for the night and then we will leave on the morrow. We need to reach the capital to get this curse removed from Kiira Stardancer.


My strength fail me this week. I try so hard. I learn ways of the spirits, I learn ways of the ancient tribe members to make self stronger to protect those ways. I find something I no able to lift, a hammer! A HAMMER! A HAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMER! I try so hard but even though no bigger then me, I can’t lift. I get mad and try again, no budge. But this dragon, orc, dragon, black orc dragon named Grimm able to lift like nothing. I feel so sad. I no can lift even a bit. I must be loosing strength. Have I lost way in spirit path? Is journey ending for me? I loosing the one thing that make me powerful, me strength. I just funny half orc now who gets beaten by large dog thing and soon little girls. Maybe I gives up now and just go home. I may not found my Strength in self, but maybe I find it somewhere else. I don’t know so confusing. I try to think on it…. may take a while

Kiira 2

What to say? The last few days have been both an enormous challenge and rewarding beyond what I believed possible. It began when we first arrived in the village of Sabwa. I found myself face to face with the very heart of my recent troubles and found myself the better for it. I had been blinded by the hatred burning within me. When i first laid eyes on Jericho Caillte my first instinct was to draw my weapons and strike. I probably would have if I had been the first in the town and not Ashleigh and Alanna. It would have been a grave mistake. Our stay in Sabwabegan, after our first night there, with an introduction to the four inhabitants of the city: Marius, Grimm DarkHammer, Logan Foxx, and Jericho Caillte. Each has a very interesting reason for being in Sabwa and all have tasted the bitterness of being outcasts, in varying degrees, during their lives. I knew that feeling, if only a little, from my present predicament and I felt for each of them. Jericho, though, I wasn’t sure what I felt about him. No one in the village seemed evil or even hostile. I knew that to sate my conscious, I would have to learn more about him; learn what a drow was doing here. I learned that he was actually a half-elf/half-drow, not really belonging to either race and abandoned to the “kindness” of the humans until Marius adopted him. I didn’t know what to make of him. He kind of reminded me of myself. He wasn’t truly a drow in his heart. Maybe it was his analytical nature or his penchant for being able to see past the obvious to the deeper layers beneath. I started to spend some time analyzing myself. Was the hatred that I felt right? Was it right to label someone only for the color of his skin? Maybe I had been seeking vengeance when I should have been reconciling with my inner self. Each person should be evaluated and seen on the merits of him or herself. Jericho was his own person, regardless of what he looked like, and I began to see past the color of his skin and to truly like the person underneath. This new realization sparked a series of thoughts in my mind and I determined to try and get to know Jericho as much as I could before we had to leave. I managed to go over and talk to him a few times and he lent me a couple of his books; a history of celestial encounters and a book of poetry. The history book was a little dry, but some of the stories were interesting. The poetry book I liked; it actually reminded me a lot of the history book in that a lot of the poetry required one to think and mull over it before the meaning became apparent. Even after multiple readings, I seemed to discover new little tidbits in each section. The third night we were in Sabwa Jig, Grimm, and Logan decided to have a drinking party at Logan’s house. Alanna was gone for the day and Marius’ house was boarded up. I decided to see if I could spend the night at Jericho’s instead. It would be a good time to get to know him better. We talked, unaware of the passing of time, until we saw the sun rising. At the end of the night, he kissed my hand and it was the sweetest thing that I have ever felt. I tranced, smiling as I had not smiled in a good number of years. Though it was awkward at first, we grew together and I realized a day or two later that I truly loved him. Startling revelation: I had never truly loved, not like this. I could visualize spending my life with him. I wanted to share these intense feelings but wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it. I had never loved like this before. I had concentrated on my music to the point of excluding much else and then, when that was taken from me, I had concentrated on removing the curse and on learning to fight the drow. I couldn’t quite explain the longing deep within that I felt. I eventually talked it over with Alanna, she being the instigator of the conversation, and decided to subtly put my feelings into song. If the feelings weren’t reciprocated, it could be brushed off as just another song. If they were, then that opened things up a little and would let him know what my feelings were on the subject. I spent the day composing the new song, as well as setting one of his poems to music. That night, I played a set of songs for him on my lute, and waited, stomach knotted tighter than it had ever been. After a contemplative silence that seemed centuries in my mind, I broke the silence by calling his name softly. He looks up at me, in that unique way that he has, and says that he had noticed a lot of parallels in my song between he and I. I laugh a little nervously and raise my eyebrows at him. A very awkward silence ensues and I try to break it by suggesting some tea. He goes to make it and I let him go gather his thoughts in the process. He returns, and as we sip our tea I comment on his fighting skills, which he had been practicing earlier in the day. He had gotten a bloody lip from Ashleigh’s mace and I heal it to try and make him feel better. The spell, however, doesn’t work like it should for some reason and his lip is still a little swollen. The silence is a little awkward again and he goes to take care of the tea cups. Cursing my abysmal lack of skill in communicating smoothly in matters of the heart and praying to the gods that I had not given the wrong impression of my feelings, I run after him to the kitchen area. I gently reach my hand out towards the teacup he is rinsing in the sink, brushing his fingers in the process. The cup falls out of his hand, unnoticed, and he turns towards me and our lips meet, igniting the passion that we had both been unsure of a few moments before. After that night, I had no doubts as to where his true feelings lay. The connection and the experience was deeper than any I’ve ever felt. Ever the gentleman, he asked if I was sure every time we went a little further. The next few days passed and I was happier than I have ever been. Time seemed to not affect this little patch of the world and I felt as if I could go on living here forever. Our bond deepened and I know now that I have found my soulmate; the one I’m destined to be with. I thank the gods that what happened in Lythiiri happened to me. Otherwise, I don’t think that I would have been open enough to let Jericho into my heart. Life-bonded: if not with the ceremonial words it was certainly true in our hearts. It didn’t matter that the words hadn’t been said; didn’t matter what others would or would not say about it. I had found my love – my one true love – and I was happy. I shall always remember that first night, no matter what happens from this day on. My heart sunk to my feet the day that Marius came to me with a list of reagents needed for the removal of my curse. Reality set in and I realize that I have some tough decisions to make. I realize that I didn’t care so much that I looked like a drow…I cared more about how people reacted to that new visage. In this unique village, I no longer cared what my skin looked like. Jericho was there – he loved me and that was enough. I talked with Jericho, though and he feels that I should try and break the curse, should return to what I truly am and not stay looking like a drow just for him. My heart is torn though. I would like to return to the way I looked before, but it’s not as important anymore. I would be content to stay here, unchanged. I fear leaving; for if something happens and they are forced to move, how will I find the city again? We stumbled upon it purely by chance this time around. I have lost my sense of purpose for this adventure. Is changing my looks back really enough of an incentive to risk losing all that I have only recently gained? Yet I place Jericho’s words next to my heart now and I sense the wisdom in what he tells me. Is it fair to my family to vanish, never to be seen or heard from again? Should I ask Jericho to go with me? Perhaps, while looking for the reagents for the spell, we could attempt to discover what became of Logan’s brother, Micha. Again, that seems selfish to me. For he seems to lead the village and I would be taking that from the good people who reside there, for my own personal feelings. If they truly wished to search Micah out, they could have attempted it themselves, many years ago. Is it truly fair that I draw Jericho out of the village? What if something happened because of his mixed heritage, because he traveled with me? What if something happened to the village while he was gone? I would blame myself if harm came to this peaceful, beautiful village. Yet I cannot see myself traveling ahead while he remains behind. It makes me nauseous even thinking about the possibility. Maybe I shall stay. But in the short time I’ve known them, I’ve become good friends with my traveling companions. Jig, with his rough exterior that conceals a generous heart. Kind Alanna with her well-place advice and smile, no matter what lies ahead. Even Ashleigh, enigmatic though he was at first, has become a friend. I would like them all to see their various journeys through. I would like to be able to help them to the best of my ability. Jig and Alanna deserve to find their path in life. Ashleigh deserves to find his worth and to do great things. Yet I cannot help them if I stay and I would feel selfish again, staying for the sake of my own feelings without considering their friendship and the trust that they have shown in me, allowing me into their party. The road diverges and I see myself hurting those most dear to me, no matter which path I choose to travel. My heart aches each time I pause to consider the decision that lies before me and I find myself disturbingly unsure of what to do.

Spirits failure?

I attack and things die. I punch hard and things die. I grab things and things die. I strong. but I not strong to punch bad man who not bad? A man attack usand wekilll his group. We attack them for attacking our new friends. We kill them all but this man. We attacked him and he attacked us. Now he tied up….and i strike him….I shouldnot have. I felt the rush of the spirits as I reached out to punch him. I thought it ok to punch enemy. But then I looked bad at for doing so. I try hard to think to talk to man, but he say things that make me mad. Grimm no like way I handle it. Grimm make me feel like I less than goo in eyes. I must figure out honor of self. Spirits always right? Attack everything that bad quickly? Grimm I trust, he show me things about strength. But the way he look at me after punch this man… make me wonder if attacking is always best choice. Must pray on this

Kiira 3

One problem solved only to have more present themselves. I was still debating whether I should stay or go when someone stumbled into the city. It turned out to be Micah, Logan’s brother, and he was very badly wounded. The following hours consisted of frenzied preparation to set up defenses around the city. For if Micah had turned up like this, there was more than likely going to be someone or something following not too close behind. Alanna and Marius set to doing what they could for Micah while the rest of us either scouted the perimeter or set up various defenses and alarms around the perimeter of Sabwa. Alanna actually knew a lot more than I expected her to about poisons and such and was a tremendous help in finding out what would and wouldn’t help Micah. In the midst of it all, Jericho made it known that he would accompany me to undo the curse place upon me once the present threat was dealt with. I felt relieved- I hadn’t wanted to ask him to do it but wanted him there more than I can tell you. So, evening fell and most of us went to sleep or trance early to be prepared should anything come that night. Jericho held first watch, a set of pots close at hand to raise the alarm should anything happen. Sure enough, that night a group of nine or so attacked the peaceful village. We defended as best we could and, luckily, no one on our side was killed outright. The intruders were vanquished, all dead except one that Alanna left to question. But the victory had come at a price. Most of the houses were burned, some worse than others. Marius’ house bore the brunt of it, sadly, and a lot of his books were burned. Jericho managed to save a few out of his own house and Alanna and him grabbed some from Marius’ house as well. Logan was badly injured, with the same thing that had sicked Micah so. They both are in Logan’s house and everyone is doing what they can to make sure they pull through. I think Alanna took the battle of the city quite hard. I’m not sure that she’s actually ever seen someone die in battle. It is one thing to kill a creature in your own or someone else’s defense. It is quite another to see a living, sentient being fall; to see the light of life leave their eyes, never to return, and to know it was you and your comrades who brought about this fact. It can never be taken back. That final stroke silences a life and it cannot be undone. I confess that the battle saddens me as well. I feel it is one thing to battle evil for the defense of the good. There are some who die and, by their death, make the world a better place for their leaving. This, unfortunately, was not the case with these men. Their village, we learned from the prisoner, had been attacked by a Lycan some years ago. While it was not just, it was understandable that they hunted Micah. In their minds it was the only thing to do. They did not wish to have their village and families harmed or even killed when it could be prevented by this death. It is the way of many humans, to silence the threat first and ask questions later. Their short life seems to make them overly hasty about many things. But they are not evil; they only wished to defend themselves. I see our newfound friends in Sabwa and I am happy that they are all okay. Yet the unfortunate deaths of these others makes my heart ache when I relive the memories of the battle for Sabwa. Perhaps I was too hasty to simply jump in and fight, without even trying to talk to them. If I had at least tried that, there might not be eight dead bodies scattered around the city. Maybe they wouldn’t have listened. But maybe they would have. Death is final. My instinct was to protect the people I call friends and that was the only thought in my mind as I let arrow after arrow fly into the intruder’s ranks. I regret that I will now never know what may have happened if I had been thinking a little more clearly. At least, ultimately, they all did get buried and one survived. But the night will always hold unanswered questions in my mind. One of the attackers, Brian O’Kelly by name, was not killed on the battlefield. We currently have him bound, though he is being given food, healing, and shelter. Alanna spoke to him and I think that they are both a little more comfortable with each other now. He might be traveling with us to the capital city as well. We do not want him to return home quite yet. If we bring him with us to the capital it will at least give the others in Sabwa a chance to relocate if they deem such an action necessary. Maybe our company will grown on the young man and he will see that we are not as bad as we might seem on first glance. Time will tell. On the good side, however, Micah did wake up and looks as if he will recover. Logan, however, is still struggling to overcome his wounds. I wish there was more that we could do but it is a battle he must mostly face on his own. I played a little music to make them more comfortable and Alanna and Jericho took turns keeping his forehead as cool as possible to try and quell the rising fever in his veins. As long as his fever breaks, I think he’ll be alright. But we shan’t know that until a little later. All we can do is to hope and pray that he pulls through.


Last night’s battle was hectic but I am glad that it is finished. Unfortunately the city of Sabwa seems to no longer be a safe, anonymous haven for its residents. A red-tailed hawk came into our camp, looked around and flew away. As much as I didn’t want to harm an animal of the forest that I was not going to be eating, I feared for the city and its residents more and so, I shot it down. Jig and I followed as best we could to the place where we had seen it fall. We ended up finding the trail of spiraling blood down the trees where the hawk had apparently fallen. My arrow, however, looked like it had been pulled out of the bird and we found a pair of footprints by where the bird had fallen. I fear that someone or, perhaps, many someones now know where Sabwa is and the defenses it bears. With Micah weakened and Logan so sick that he’s on the brink of death, the city will be hard-pressed to properly defend against another attack, especially if there are more people attacking than last time. Jericho put forth the idea to relocate Sabwa to a new location. After some discussion, this plan was accepted. Jig, Alanna, Ashleigh, Brian, and I were to finish our journey to the capital while the rest stayed behind and moved the city. Fat is fickle. When I left my family in Corindan to travel and see some of the world, I never expected to be gone this long. I, in the deepest part of my self, fear that this goodbye will be longer than expected as well. The world can be cruel and things happen while traveling. I know that everyone in the village is well-able to defend themselves when they are healthy, yet I fear for the people of the village, Jericho most especially, trying to find a new place to live. What if they have a run-in on the way. I don’t know what I would do if Jericho came to harm. The same may happen to me along the way. Most cities are not as receptive as this one and I’ve been close to death before, trying to escape cities that feared my visage. What if one of the times we need to enter a city, I am discovered and run just a little too slow. All it takes is one time. It hurts go, not knowing where he is or where he will be; if he will be safe. When I got here, I never expected to be leaving my heart in the care of another as I departed. I never thought that I would grow so attached in so short a time. Night started falling and I walked around the city, trying to come to terms with what was happening and to find peace in my heart about it. I needed to talk to Jericho but hadn’t the heart to initiate the conversation. I was happy when he had said he would come with us, to have him near. Now I hesitated. Had he changed his mind about me? Were the feelings that I held for him not reciprocated; was this way of trying to break the tie without overly hurting my feelings? I just didn’t know…and if this WAS the case, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to know. So I continued pacing the city, thinking; maybe over-thinking. Wanting him to come and find me yet fearing the moment that he did. He finally did come and find me, a rope in his hand. I was nervous when he asked me if I was up for some unique sleeping arrangements for the night, but I agreed that I would try. I watched, a little nervously I will admit, while he attempted to throw a rope up into the trees. I chuckled a little as the rope didn’t want to stay up. Finally, he got it to stick and he then asked me to climb up the rope. Looking at him a little oddly, I ask him what he wants me to do when I get up there and he simply asks “Do you trust me?”. Nodding, I climb the rope to nowhere and wait at the top. I call down “Now where?” and he tells me to keep climbing. I put my hands a little above where the rope ends but don’t feel anything. Confused, I’m about to call back down to Jericho when my arm smack against something solid as I try and lower it. I climb up into the hidden treehouse and gasp in astonishment at the breathtaking tropical vista displayed before me. Jericho joins me and it is finally time to talk. A little hurt that he has opted not to join us. It is for him that I undertake this quest to rid myself of the kinslayer’s curse. If it were up to me, I would be content to remain here, as I am. My visage means less to me than being able to stay near to the one I hold dear. But it is very important to him, and so is important to me as well. I will go. But I wonder why it is that he doesn’t wish to come as well anymore. I wonder if he fears for my safety as I fear for his. If he cares as deeply as I have come to. My fears are quickly allayed, however, as he tells me he wishes to stay to protect his friends, in their weakened condition. I can understand that and I respect and admire him all the more for his loyalty to his friends and his wish to protect them. He has, after all, only known me a scant two weeks and has known most of them for years upon years. I try to blink back the tears welling behind my eyes at the impending parting. Not wanting our last night together to end in questions, I decide to be frank with him. I do wish something more than these two weeks we’ve shared together. A taste of his company; his thoughts and his little looks, has not sated me, only left me aching for more. I fervently pray that he wished to see me again as well. I breath a sigh of relief and nervously laugh as he jokingly inquires if I am proposing to him. Now that I know that he wants to see me again as well, I take the moment to pull out the Stardancer family signet ring, a small figure twirling amid a jumble of stars. It is not worth much in gold, but it has been passed down in my family for many generations and holds great emotional value to me. I press the ring into his palm and whisper “to remember me, while I am gone,” as I lightly set my hand over his palm and close his fingers over the ring. “I will come back to find it again,” I say wryly, a playful smile crossing my face. Jericho returned the favor, gifting me with an exquisite necklace of two angels embracing, one ebony, one ivory. He had two necklaces, one the exact mirror image of the other. He gave me one and kept the other. He also gave me the book of poetry that he had been writing, with a few pages left blank at the end, to finish filling out. He also gives me his short sword, against my protestations, to protect myself should I need to. Feeling much better now that everything was out in the open, I smiled at Jericho. The rest of the night was not one either of us would soon forget. I awake earlier than him and spend awhile just gazing at his peaceful form as he sleeps. I think I could stay this way for eternity, tracing his graceful features. I single tear rolls down my face as I think of the the imminent morning and the partings it will hold. It is time. I did not want to say it aloud until I was sure beyond a shadow of a doubt. I move carefully towards Jericho and gently reach out my hand to brush back a stray hair that has fallen across his face during the night. A small, contented smile finds its way to my lips as he stirs. I wait, lightly running my finger across the side of his face and through his hair until his eyes open fully. He smiles at me and I whisper softly “It’s almost time to go.” I look squarely into his deep eyes and take a deep breath. “I just want you to know that I have never said this to anyone not part of my family before and I do not take its uttering lightly; I wanted to be absolutely certain before I said anything”. He looks at me expectantly, as lovingly patient as he has always been. I take a deep, steadying breath. “I love you Jericho Caillte. More than I have ever loved anyone; more than I thought I could ever love someone.” A small tear trickles down my cheek, unheeded. “I’m sorry if it’s too sudden or too forward for you, but I wanted you to know before we part ways this morning. If anything happens, I will be at peace knowing that you know this, even if you do not ever feel the same way towards me. No one knows what the future may hold and it would haunt me the rest of my days if something happened to one of us and I had not told you.” I smiles and hold his gaze a few more seconds, loath to break the silence; dreading what will shortly come to pass.


I do not want to waste Jericho’s book. I know that it meant a lot to him and I only hope that I can do the remaining pages justice, trying to live up to the poetry that he has written. My pen is more used to writing song than poem but perhaps I will be able to do both with this book. My first entry is entitled “Shadowlight”.

  • “Shadowlight”
  • Evil! My mind calls;
  • Warns my wild heart.
  • Midnight shadow-skin caused this
  • And shadowed skin cannot
  • Be undone; cannot
  • Be Good…not in the least.
  • My treacherous heart -
  • It disagrees;
  • Speaks of maybes,
  • Of things unseen.
  • Nervously, my hands
  • Stow kindling, just in case.
  • Mingled in shadowlight
  • Sweet candle-lit caress.
  • Your skin touches mine:
  • Ignites; white fires
  • Burn, consuming, and, in their light
  • I can no longer tell you from I.
  • Black skin or white?
  • Is it truly important,
  • When the heart is alight:
  • Burning still; deeper,
  • Stronger than foreseen…
  • Longer and purer; racing eternity.
  • And I am whole, in shadowlight.

All time I away I think about my people. I sent to do my spirit journey and always taught to listen to self…yet ever since Grimm I feel like I hear spirits more. Spirits sometimes wrong, but Grimm say I must decide for self what I think Spirits mean. And maybemore spirits in my head than 1? If I listen to spirits and listen top self about spirits is that what spirit journey about? I feel rage inside me and a strength I cannot feel, yet I know it there. Not just muscle strength, but sort of ….. strength of heart. I feel for friends, feel pain of others, yet when I hurt something makes mefeel better if it for someone, not just to do it. I think I figure out that strength only good if used rightly…I think. Still don’t know. Grimm say It bad to punch someone who cannot fight back….maybe I need to watch people more before fight…it help me fight them…or it help me figure out not to fight. What I just say..? not fight? WOuld my elders approve? Is spirits tricking me? I will find out about the feeling of power and heart in me…I just wish I smart sometime to understand what that mean


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