Orc Rogue


Narg was six when his world changed. He was taken prisoner by humans and forced to be their slave. Narg was intelligent for his race and quickly learned their language, although he did not let on that he knew it. He would listen as they spoke in common and he became clever at hiding his knowledge. He found himself growing angry at the unjust way his people were treated. He was forced to watch as his mother was raped by and he watched as she died giving birth to his stillborn brother. Narg bidded his time, waiting for the right moment to lead his people in a revolt against the humans, to kill them for what they had done to him. He grew ever more bitter as time went on, but still he waited patiently.

Finally, one night, as he watched his friend die after a beating, he decided that he had had enough. When his owner came into the room to get him, Narg spoke in common for the first time. “It is time for justice.” He then broke the chains holding him and wrapped the chains around his owner’s neck. He watched with satisfaction as the owner’s face showed surprise and then as his body went rigid, then still. Silently, Narg then went and broke the chains of the others, having them do the like on other orcs while the humans slept. The orcs were gathering one by one as they became unchained. He rallied them and finally, they attacked killing everyone in the town, leaving no survivors. The taste of vengeance on his tongue and blood on his hands, his heart racing, they attacked villages and towns, losing many orcs along the way and killing many humans. Finally, Narg and the remaining orcs reached the base of The Hidden Mountains. It was there that Narg told them they must build a town and they must be free here. He named the town Gargenute.

Narg is still in charge of the town to this day.


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