Micah Foxx

Brother of Logan Foxx

Name Micah Foxx Class Druid
Level 8 Race Human
Alignment Neutral Neutral Diety
Size Medium Age 28
Gender Male Height 5’10”
Weight 210 pounds Eyes Deep Brown
Hair Silver streaked black Skin Tanned
Ability Score Modifier
STR 16 +3
DEX 14 +2
CON 12 +1
INT 11 +0
WIS 16 +3
CHA 12 +1
HP AC Touch FF Initiative BAB Grapple
48 16 12 1 2 +6/+1 +9
Weapon Dagger Armor None
Saving Throws Total Base Mod
Fortitude 7 6 1
Reflex 4 2 2
Will 9 6 3


  1. Power Attack
  2. Improved Sunder

Special Abilities:

  • Nature Sense
  • Wild Empathy
  • Woodland Stride
  • Trackless Step
  • Resist Nature’s Lure
  • Wild Shape 3/day (Small, Medium, Large)


  1. Level 6
  2. Level 5
  3. Level 4
  4. Level 4
  5. Level 2

Micah Left Sabwa with the blessing of his Brother Logan Foxx to seek vengeance against those that slaughtered his tribe, the Brujah tribe. He scouted around for several years, scouring the former site of his tribe by day, meditating for wisdom and strength from his deceased brethren by night. He found several defining marks and some scraps and discarded items around the area. He began down he long road of tracking down the people responsible. He finally singled them out in human form, which was surprisingly easy because of these humans penchant for getting drunk and spouting tales of heroics against the “Savage Werewolves.” He killed the raid members one at a time, drawing them out with the screams of their loved ones. He killed no innocents, but he had no problems with hurting them. Once all the members were dead, Micah still felt as if his business was not finished. He began drinking to help abate the pain.

One night several years later, he had drunk more than his share. A fellow patron began insulting Micah’s small frame and silver streaked black hair. The insults were the death of him, and the majority of the town’s “men to arms”. When he awoke in the morning covered in blood, Micah needed no help piecing the night together. He knew he must cleanse himself of the transgressions of the night before. He performed the cleansing ritual known by his tribe amid the jagged rocks of the foothills of the Hidden Mountains.

From this night on he had been on the run. Staying to the woods and game trails. Hunting game and sleeping under the stars. The sobriety was aiding him. He was beginning to come to grips with the things he has done, and the future that lies before him. He had resolved to return to Sabwa and return his brothers blessing to Logan.

On his venture home he avoided most towns and villages successfully. But the closer he got to Sabwa the more impertinent he got. One full moon he was seen outside the village of Chesterton. He fled hoping to avoid the same end as before. A hunting party was formed and within a week, they had successfully tracked Micah to his current location. They began raining arrows from a distance. And more than once they got within melee range. Micah did end up killing one by mistake while defending himself. And it seems as though they stopped pursuing him after that. He soon realized how close to Sabwa he was, normally a few days hike. But it may take him a week in the condition he was in now. His wounds were not healing as they should and he was feeling weaker everyday. He had to stay in hybrid form just to continue on his path toward Sabwa. Thoughts of Logan and his brethren flooded his mind as he crested the hill and stumbled into the clearing where Sabwa stood. A strange newcomer started toward him calling for the rest of the town. He was home, he had made it home. But at what cost?

Micah Foxx

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