Logan Foxx

Lycan Barber and Tavernkeep

Ability Score Modifier Lycan Score Lycan Mod AC Lycan AC
Str 18 4 32 11 16 19
Dex 14 2 18 4 BAB Lycan BAB
Con 20 5 26 8 14 14
Wis 12 1 HP Lycan HP
Int 11 0 132 162
Cha 09 -1 Grapple Lycan Grapple Initiative Lycan Init
19 29 2 4

Lycanthrope who resides in Sabwa. He acts as a tavern keep and barber. He is exceptionally distrusting of outsiders. Kept in line by Jericho. Many years ago, Jericho and Logan were at odds. Both felt the village should hold opposing views on outsiders. Logan felt anyone entering the village who had no intention of staying should be killed. Jericho told of the perils of this kind of thinking. Things came to a head one night as a couple who had gotten lost on a romantic outing stumbled into the village. Seeking refuge from the dark and the terrifying beasts in the surrounding wood, they knocked on the first door they could find, assuming the village to be a safe haven. When Logan opened the door, the woman screamed at the sight of the 7 foot lycan. The man assumed Logan was a threat and attacked Logan with his short sword. Logan killed them before they had fled the entryway. The community acted harshly against Logan, chastising him harshly and he was humbled by Jericho in single combat.

When a teleportation spell went awry, Logan and Jericho found themselves trapped on the Ethereal Plane. They are currently waiting to be saved.

Logan Foxx

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