Reggie Haffwhey

Halfling rogue found out in Illidia.


Rogue lvl 7


Very happy fellow, not a whole lot of decisiveness. May or may not have caused a ruckus in Chesterton, and fled to the nearest village for hiding. Was found when party checks out the General Store. Upstairs room is locked, and Reggie is hidding under the desk. Attacks the first person he see’s at half his BaB. everyone hears him proclaim, “Back to the night wif you… foul spirits. I want none o- your tricks now… leave me be.”

Accompanied the group of Kiira Stardancer, Jig Sawyer, Alanna Silverkin, and Ashleigh Cavanaugh to the capital. There they parted ways due to some problems in the capital, but hoped to meet up once again.

Reggie Haffwhey

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