Grimm DarkHammer

Half-Orc, Halfdragon Smith with big warmace

Ability Score Modifier Save Total Base Modifier
Str 28 9 Fort 13 7 6
Dex 10 0 Ref 3 3 0
Con 22 6 Will 3 3 0
Wis 08 -1 BAB 10/5 HP 140
Int 10 0 AC 12 Dex0 Leather +2
Cha 10 0 Grapple 20 Initiative 4
DR 2\-

Huge Half-Orc almost 8-6 Bulging muscles. Half Black Dragon as well. Acts as blacksmith for the community of Sabwa.

The bastard offspring of an Orc and a Black Dragon, raised by his mother and unusually kind and wise black dragon by the name of Eclipse Marum. After her death, at the hands of a crusader who’s only defining characteristic was a helm in the visage of metal skull, he struck out to settle in some remote place. He traveled from mountain to tropical paradise to desert oasis, and each time he thought he could settle down, the solitude got to him. He was at heart a social being, his heart was not at peace until he came across Sabwa.

He wields a HUGE warhammer that seems to be more for smithing than anything else, but there is no doubt that it’s massive size hides it’s true weight. Jig, a Half ORc with more than a little strength was unable to move it, but Grimm was able to handle it like a small hammer over his shoulders. If it were to connect with a blow, the foe would most surely not remember anything ever again.

Mentor to Jig Sawyer.

Currently lost under The Thickett, waiting to be saved.

Grimm DarkHammer

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