Dahlia Malloy


I met your father much as you would meet anyone, running away from our problems. He was strong in the ways of magics and was fleeing his responsibilities he was going to be inheriting. An arranged wedding of sorts, He was to become a great Marshal in his world, and that apparently came with some strings. He claimed he wished to leave that all behind him. I believed him, his story tugged upon my heart strings.

I fell instantly in love with his dark exotic skin and his beautiful white hair… contrast embodied. We lived a life of bliss for neigh a month, and one night I awoke with a start. I was heartbroken to find that my bed was empty, but rejoiced the knowledge that my womb was full. Angaxel had left me… I returned home to the scornful eyes of my family.

Birthing this child would bring ridicule upon our house in it’s 13th cycle. My family tried to dissuade me, My father threatened to cut my child out with his golden blade. I know not if it was my tears that halted his blade, but the threat was empty in the end. I birthed a child, but before I could see him, the pains of labor took me below the threshold of consciousness.

My ever faithful servant Diego Mastiff told me, as he was instructed to, that my son was stillborn. I had been unconscious for 3 full days. Diego showed me to the grave and watched as I planted flowers there. I maintained a small shrine to the lost love I had known for 4 years. And upon the fifth year, as my heart had begun to mend itself, I overheard something in passing about having “gotten rid of the problem.”

I drilled Diego and he confessed somewhat willingly that my son had been taken to an orphanage among the humans, where “one could love a monstrosity as that.” He used my fathers words. I asked him were, but he regretted to inform me that he knew not. I left that night with nothing. Diego followed and we have been searching ever since.


Dahlia is a dancer, an amazingly beautiful woman who has a really sweet looking outfit. Her appearance seems to match her demeanor. She is very kind and sweet, though a little soft-spoken. She has a certain air of mystery about her and keeps most of her face covered at all times. She travels with her manager/guardian, a Fire Elf/hound archon by the name of Diego Mastiff.

Born the youngest of 13 princesses, Dahlia was consumed with tales of mixed love. Evil creatures throwing aside their evil ways for true love. She was prompted by such tales to leave Celestia with her guardian Diego, under the cover of night. She left for the material plane in search of her true love. She fell for one as opposite from herself as could be, A drow by the name of Angaxel Zaurret.

She bedded this male for less than a month, and assumed that he loved her. She was sorely mistaken when she woke up one morning only to find her bed empty and her womb full. She tried to bring the child home, and things looked to be going well, until she gave birth.

While she was in recovery, her child was sent to live in the Material plane in a human city that could love it. Diego having a pledge to uphold, told her of the treachery after her given period of mourning(20-30 years). She was furious and left Celestia with Diego in tote, as he had also pledged to protect her. Diego was not privy to the information of where the child was. And in the past 160 years or so, Dahlia has gone from village to village in search of some sign of her son, name and appearance unknown.

Dahlia Malloy

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