Brian Kelly


Lvl 7 Ranger


Brian is from the town of Chesterton.

When lycanthrope attacked his town, they killed his wife and child. He blames himself in part because he was at the tavern when they were killed. He loved them both very much. Some time later Micah Foxx was seen outside the town. Brian joined the hunting party and followed Micah to Sabwa. There the rest of the hunting party was killed but he was kept alive to be questioned.

He was given a choice to accompany two humans, a drow, and a half-orc to the capital or find his way home. He choose to go with the strange group. He parted ways with the party in Covington, although he is sorely missed.

He is now married to Mhairie Kelly and they reside in Covington with her two children, Simon and Stephanie. They own a shop called Kelly’s and he is quite happy and content.

Brian Kelly

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