Bordigle Bobumble


Bordigle was raised in the secret realm of the sand people, the Shadow Flats. He was raised under the watchful eye of a man named Cortel Letrol, a cleric of Resurr. The first memories of life Bordigle can remember is working hard. As a child he was shown how to clean the temple grounds and the easiest way to keep the salt from entering the grounds and permeate the entire temple. Bordigle was charged to keep the salt out of the temple from morning until evening, at least he had not be given the job in the evening, when it got cold. Bordigle Loved the heat of the day time. He knew his job meant something important to the order, but he couldn’t help but feeling he was just nothing special and his job was really meaningless. On the day of his adulthood he awoke to the face of Cortel staring at him. His eyes were contemplative as he just sat. This man had treated me like a son and a friend for as long as I can remember, but now he seemed distant. He didn’t say a thing, just watched me as I walked to my closet to put on my work clothes. Inside my closet my clothes were gone. All that was left was a set of black robes. Cortel bid me to put them on “For destiny was knocking and only a fool would ignore the door”. I threw on the robes, they seemed a little big, but I was a bit smaller than most of the gnomes here as I worked hard most of the day and others of the temple simply sat around and prayed. Cortel led me away form my usualy starting areas of the day and walked me towards the inner sanctum of the temple. I asked what was going on but he simply replied that “A man who knows too much too soon, will not know anything.”

My brothers and sisters of the temple liked that, riddles I mean. Every time I needed to know something they wold simply point me in a direction of a book or a tome or anything and say some blasted riddle. I tried not to do these riddles, but every once in a while they come out and I really can’t help it. I saw very few races other than sand gnomes ever come to the temple, but every time a new race did come, I would sit and watch. I would move along the grounds with them, pretending to be working, but mostly staring and taking in the words and gestures these people were doing. I would mimic them, trying to get some culture and expand the way I thought about things. My fellow sand gnomes would simply talk to the newcomers in riddles and simple lines of verse until they people would leave. Some would leave angry while others would smile and start saying things in other languages to themselves. I didn’t know why people came to this temple, but I knew one thing, I wanted to leave.

Back to the inner sanctum. The doors opened up and salt rained from the ceiling, i knew I would have to clean that up, so I sneered. I looked inside and 3 of the high heirophants were sitting on there tables on sanctity. I watched in aww as i was guided into there presence. the walls were clean and immaculate, as if this temple had no sand in it at all. Even my foot prints left behind usually with a bit of sand seemed to leave no marks at all. I was happy in this room, no dirt. For the first time ever, I was at peace. The heirophants sat me down and told me I was of age to stop with all the cleaning of the temple. They saw I was ready to begin my training as a leader in there temple, but it would take a long time and when they are done I would be neither a leader nor a follower of anything, just a cleric of creation. My head spun, A cleric of creation? i was to become a robed one? A member of the temple? A power would be gifted me from the power of Resurr itself? I could not believe this, i was a link in the chain of creation and I did not even know it! I was granted the title of “Cleansing Soul”and walked out of the sanctum with more than a clean set of green and black robes, but with a renewed sense of purpose. I still wanted to leave this temple, but now I would be more than a lowly cleaning boy when I left, I would be a cleric of Resurr! I was sent to my studies straight away. I poured over tome after tome, learning the myths and legends of creation as well as the truths that have been learned by the scholars before me. I stayed in my room for as long as possible, as it was the cleanest place I knew in the temple other than the sanctum. I would bring food and water to myself along with dozens of tomes. I preyed and i read and I sustained myself with rest, food, and water. That was my life. I still left my room when the traveler came around, I needed to learn the gestures of outer society if I was ever to be able to interact with people in there world. I trained with the other clerics for years. I went to classes, learned the divine way of life, forsook things that a cleric would never need to live in the temple like bad wine and poor alcohol, “The best way to see your god is to partake in only the best he has left for us” is what they say, in other words eat well, drink well, and only see the beauty in things.

Years went on and I came into my own. My powers of creation and healing had strengthened to beyond a lowly newcomer, but many more of my order were much stronger, in all I had only actually surpassed two of my brethren, and in truth I was further than them because they started after me down this path. It didn’t bother me though. I did not want to become a hierophant, I only wanted to see the world and make a difference in it. Little did I know that day was coming soon…

I awoke in my room one morning to find a summons on the floor. The clerics of our order were all ordered to meet in the inner sanctum. I was so excited to see the clean room again I dashed into my closet, put on my finest outfit, and rushed towards the sanctum. Inside everyone seemed to have already been seated, so I grabbed a spot in the back and listened. The hierophants spoke of danger and of the cycle. ((The Cycle)) is what we like to call the death and rebirth of this world. We are the order of people who breath new life into the world after it has seen its end. However the hierophants were speaking of a threat to our cycle. “Chains link together the cycles of life and death, and we see that the cycle has begun, but a few links in the chain are missing and we are afraid of calamity if nothing is done. We will send one of our kind out to the world to see what can be seen. We want a volunteer to step forward, For only in being a leader can one truly be a individual. I ask our order to have one of you step forward.” I could hardly believe myself. It took me till the end of his statement to walk forward. I was thrilled. I was going to leave this temple and learn about the outside. i was ready. Everyone looked at me and smiled. The hierophants smiled and told me I was to leave on the morrow, but they must speak with me first. they told me of the town of Gold Ridge to the West. A man named Aemon Quinn was going to meet me there. The rest will be history.

Bordigle Bobumble

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