Aaron Thomas

Aaron in real life... in a game


Class: Aaronesque 4, Bard 1 Alignment: Lawful Neutral Religion: Aaronism Type and Subtype: Indie Outsider (is that redundant?)

HP: 15/ (progresses like a caster) AC: 5 FF: 5 Touch:10 SPD: 20ft.

Stats: Str 8, Dex 11, Con 12 (but only cause I’m a little pudgy), Int 13, Wis 12, Chr 8

Fort: +1, Ref +1, Will +2

BAB/GRAP -3/-4 (lvls in Aaronesque actually reduces your BAB)

Weapons/Equipment: Pacifist Stick: +5 insight bonus to hit/dmg., Crit Rng 15-20, Special: Vorpal, Flaming weapon. This item automatically overcomes all forms of damage reduction. You are automatically proficient with a Pacifist Stick.You cannot attack anything with this weapon .

Keen Pen and Parchment: +5 to Chr. while writing, if only you ever used it.

Yellow Belle and Sebastian T-Shirt: Under normal circumstances this T-shirt would confer a +10 awesome AC bonus and Damage Reduction of 5/Country Music. However, in its current state it is too ripped up to function properly. Instead it confers a -5 yellow shirt AC bonus. Without repair, this item is considered cursed.

Feats: Awesome Girlfriend: You gain one Awesome Girlfriend (see DMG 4.2.5, pg. 4002, only accesible after downloading patch) as a cohort. At DM’s discretion this Awesome Girlfriend may also be addicted to one or more of the following: Comics, RPG’s, Indie Rock, Weird Sex Postiions, Foreign Documentary Films.

Elitist Snob: You gain a +5 asshole bonus to intimidate checks while discussing something indie.

Notable Skills: Maxed out Concentration and Gather Info. Decent Bluff and Diplomacy. Maxed out ranks in Knowledge: Useless Religious Trivia, and Knowledge: Mythological Shit No One Cares About

Special Skills Note: Classes in Aaronesque confer a -10 depressed bonus to all craft checks.

Languages: Common, German, Indie Rocker, Elitist, Dann

Special Abilities: Keen Insight (from Aronesque lvls): After speaking to a Dann (see MMXXIV pg. 42) for at least 10 mins. you gain +2 Int, +4 Wis, +4 Chr. These are perception bonuses. In addition, all arcane spells (if any) do not consume spell slots for 1/rds. per caster lvl.

Barbed Wit: After being the victum of a critical comment you gain +5 to a witty retort check. This effect stacks up to 5x and lasts 1/rd per character lvl.

Aaronesque Class Restrictions: Your Bardic abilities (if any) are restricted from functioning unless you are within 10ft. of a Dann.


Aaron Thomas

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