Tarathiel Quentillian


Tarathiel was born into the upper-class society of the high elves, the eldest son of a prominent member of Sylvanin, a large high elf city. From the moment of his birth, his life was planned for him. The eldest son in the family, he was sent to the best elven academies to learn the intricacies of courtly life in order to take over his father’s position when he could no longer function in it. For three hundred years he toiled and learned. His marriage was arranged to another high elf by the name of Amarysta Lloryl, of whom he had only heard stories but never actually seen. Their union would join two high-ranking families and ensure the Quentillian family’s status and power for years to come.

Tarathiel made his way into the upper echelons of society. A charming and charismatic man, he seemed to fit into the life of an up-and-coming courtier with ease. Before he was even done with his extensive schooling, his name had reached the ears of almost every high-ranking official in High Elf Society. He was looked upon by many as one of the most promising young elves in a long, long time. He had even gotten an offer to work under a high elf that many considered to be the most powerful in the land, next to the King, once his schooling was completed. Life seemed smooth and predictable for the young High Elf.

Everything changed in one fateful journey. Tarathiel, for the last of his education before marrying Amarysta, he was charged with venturing into the city of Lythiiri. It was on that journey that he met and fell in love with Silvrienna Valaquenthil. Tarathiel was spending the night at the Starlit Muse Inn. As he walked into the inn, he accidentally bumped into a lone elven woman’s arm and managing to spill her dinner all over the floor in the process. Apologizing profusely, he ordered another dinner for her from the barkeep and, noticing that she was alone, spun one of the chairs around at her table and asked if she wanted some company. Nodding demurely, Tarathiel sat down at the fateful table. As he sat down, their eyes locked for the first time and, in the blink of an eye, he fell for her. Instantly and completely; the whole world seemed to grind to a halt and the memory of her smile burned itself indelibly on his mind. After a few more days of getting to know each other, he gifted her with the Quentillian family signet ring, an elf dancing amid a field of stars, and told her to wait for him and that he would return for her shortly.

To make a long story short, the engagement with Amarysta was broken off, to the intense embarrassment and chastisement of the Quentillian family, especially when they found out that Silvrienna was a low-elf from an obscure community that they had never heard of. Tarathiel’s father threatened to disown him unless he came to his senses and took on Amarysta or another suitable high-elf as his wife and abandoned the foolish notion of marrying a Low Elf. Boiling with anger at the horrible way his family treated Silvrienna, he gave up the life he had known and made a new life with Silvrienna deep in the low elf forests, in her native city of Corindan. He has never returned to Sylvanin or to his family since the day he left for Corindan.

He has two children, a daughter by the name of Kiira and a son named Maedhros.

His daughter ventured out into the world over fifty years ago to pursue her dream of being a bard. Her mother gifted her with the family signet ring when she left. Unfortunately, she has not been heard from since the day she left. Figuring that she would venture as far as Lythiiri in her wanderings, her father waited as years went by. Thinking that maybe she had been even more adventurous and had gone outside of elven lands, he waited even longer for her return. After about forty-five years, however, he became worried and decided that she had been gone too long. He ventured from Corindan into Lythiiri and the high-elven lands in search of news of her. After five long years of searching, however, he could not find her. The only thing he learned was that she had been in Lythiiri on the dark day of the drow attack. Thinking her to have perished in the vicious battle, he returned home to inform his wife of the sad news. They held a funeral for her a few days after his return, the whole town heartbroken and mourning the loss of the young elf that they had seen be born and watched grow up in the small community.

Life comes full circle, however, and a few months after the funeral, Silvrienna found out that she was pregnant for the second time. She bore him a son, whom they named Maedhros, two years later and the gaping hole in their heart began to mend again.

Tarathiel Quentillian

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