Silvrienna Quentillian


A gentle soul, Silvrienna was born in the village of Corindan. She found herself drawn to the study of healing from an early age. She devoured everything she could about the treatment of ailments and the curing of diseases. By the time she hit her one-hundredth birthday, she had become as knowledgeable as any in the village on the healing artes. There was one other elf her age in the village, by the name of Niamh. The became close friends, though Niamh was more interested in storytelling and music than she was in healing.

When Niamh decided to try and expand her bardic horizons, Silvr was heartbroken at the parting. Niamh left while Silvr stayed on to tend to the people in the community in need of healing. Her soft-spoken manner and knack of knowing exactly how to comfort and help ensure that she was one of the best-loved and cherished members of the community. Niamh returned a few years later, with tales of the great city of Lythiiri and the opportunities available there. She had had her share of adventures, however, and settled back into life in Corindan, never leaving for more than a few months at a time again.

A few years later, one of the elves in the city came down with a terrible sickness. Try as she might, nothing that Silvrienna did seemed to ease his suffering. Desperate for a solution, she begged Niamh to travel with her to Lythiiri to see if they could learn anything that would help him. Niamh agreed and in a little while they had made it to the large city. Silvrienna searched for a few days and found out the cause and treatment for the sickness that had taken hold of the young elf. She even managed to gather the ingredients needed for the cure and distill them into a small vial of curative potion. Ecstatic, she decided to celebrate and accompany Niamh to the Starlit Muse Inn, where she was going to be playing for the evening. She would start back to Corindan the very next day.

It was not to be, however. A devilishly handsome young elf bumped her tray off of the table, spilling it on the floor. Speechless, she lowered her head,cheeks burning in embarrassment as the eyes of the whole inn turned in their direction. Nonplussed, the elf ordered another dinner and turned a dimpled, winning smile in her direction. He dexterously twirled the chair next to her at the table, introduced himself as Tarathiel Quentillian and elegantly asked if he could keep her company. Finally, she raised her eyes to meet his and she felt something connect deep inside. Smiling, she nodded. The next few days were a whirlwind of emotions. Though she had never before sent someone else to do her job, she had Niamh venture back to the city on her own to deliver the needed cure to the sickened elf in the city. She couldn’t get enough of Tarathiel’s smile and elegant demeanor. He gifted her with his family’s signet ring and told her that he would return shortly.

He returned awhile later, and took her with him to Sylvanin. As much as she was loved and appreciated in Corindan, it was the exact opposite in Sylvanin. His families eyes burned with distrust and pity at every turn. She was taken aside by Tarathiel’s mother and told fiercely that if ever she loved him or wanted what was best for him, she would break off the relationship and flee as fast and far as her low-born legs would carry her. This was the last straw for Tarathiel, however, and that very night they fled into the forest. He took nothing but the clothes on his back. They were married in Lythiiri and made their way to Corindan after that. So they have stayed and lived ever since.

They have two children, Kiira and Maedhros. Kiira was the eldest and left to develop her bardic skills over fifty years ago. Around forty-five years ago her husband, Tarathiel Quentillian left to look for their lost daughter. After five long, tense years of waiting with no word, she feared that she had lost them both. Her husband returned, however, with news of their daughter’s death in the infamous drow attack on Lythiiri. Torn with grief, they held a funeral ceremony to put their daughter’s spirit to rest a few days later, cursing the atrocity and viciousness of the drow elves.

A short while after that, Silvrienna conceived another child. Maedhros was born two years, almost to the day, after Tarathiel Quentillian returned from his fruitless search for their daughter, Kiira. The cycle turns and the new child has done much to assuage the deep grief of Kiira’s parents, though it has never fully left them.

Silvrienna Quentillian

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