Baby Caillte


Baby Caillte is the result of the union of Jericho Caillte and Kiira Stardancer. Kiira is still in the early stages of pregnancy with the little one, with nearly a year and a half left to go.

The baby’s parents were together for only two weeks before they each went their separate ways, neither dreaming of the new life that had been created in their short time together. Though their paths led in different directions at the time of the parting, they each vowed love for the other and promised to find one another as soon as they could. About a month and a half later, Kiira discovered that she was pregnant. Anxious to find Jericho again, she discovered instead, that he, along with a friend, was trapped on the ethereal plane. The friends he was traveling with were scattered as well. Kiira and the friends she was traveling with decided to find the lost travelers, starting with the person who was in the most danger.

After much travel and some interesting adventures, wherein Kiira’s curse was removed by a man named Ashleigh Cavanaugh, everyone previously scattered was rescued from their respective locations, Jericho included. Everyone made their way back to Sabwa, where a new town was built and re-established. Jericho Caillte and Kiira Stardancer got to know each other again, reaffirming their love and their excitement for the coming child. While traveling, Ashleigh was lost for awhile, and then found, unconscious and infected with the blood of a Drokthiiri. Kiira has promised to help this friend before she allows herself to settle down and so she and Jericho, along with Alanna Silverkin, have left Sabwa to search out a cure for Ashleigh.

Baby Caillte

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