Ghosts of Illidia

The end of a short era

I have seen so much in my travels. I start off adventuring looking for my path. I find a drow elf who says she is cursed and not a real drow. I belive her and from there on we meet new and interesting people. Drow elf is Kirra and she my good friend. Then I meet Alanna, woman with big heart, but she doesn’t quite know where to put some of the love she has. Most of the time she places it on wrong people, but she overall a great person. Alanna my good friend. Then I meet man who says he will be a god one day. We laugh at him, but his eyes seemed determined to do just that. His name Ashleigh. We all travel together and se many wonderous and frightening sights. We traveled the world together and helped each other and our other friends in Sabwa find there ways. Sadly after so much time with everyone I have seen the ways of the world in the good and the bad ways. It is sad because I now know why my people choose to be nomads. The world is so complicated with the weird laws that races place on people who live with them. I have seen men die by my hands who really were justmisunderstanding our point of view, or we misunderstood theirs. In the end I have seen so many people die and so much bloodshed that was not needed. I have seen a woman fall down and cry becuase she believed her lover was gone, I have seen a deity fall only to come back to life, I have seen beings I could not belive were real without have seeing them with my own eyes, I have seen a hated rival come back from the dead only to kill him again, I have seen hate, I have seen greed, I have seen death. Our life’s as the tribe of the dragon are simple. We do what we must to have a good life. We trust each other because we know we can be trusted. I have few people I trust with my life, but the few I know I can trust are people of heart and strength beyond anything muscles can bring.

I started this wandering of the world with 3 friends who I only partially trusted. I saw them fight beside me and I saw them take the scars of battle along side me. To me that makes them my brother and sisters in blood. Our blood has been spilled together for the same cause. We are related in my eyes and as such I will protect them as I would protect my tribe, with all my heart and strength. In fact it is becuase of them I am who I now am. I was treated poorly on there part when I first met my friends. I could not speak well and was treated as a dunce. I liked this because if an enemy would leave his guard down, it was that much easier to grab them and choke the life from them. As I learned to trust my allies I started to push them into treating me like and equal. Alanna was the first to see who I really was, a smart man who just couldn’t speak the language well. I really was thankful that she understood me, although we still get into fights about simple things. However, now I can argue in orcish and she can speak basic orc back, so the tables have turned in a way. With all the fights I have endured, nothing compares to a good lashing of the tongue by Alanna. I would gladly loose one eye and the use of my right arm to stop Alanna from ever attacking me with her words again. She is a beautiful woman whom I assumed I would bed, when in fact she was the one that got away. I even offered to pay her good money, but she refused. I blame Ashleigh for that. Then there was Kirra. The woman who was a drow, but became overly radiant after her curse left her. She and I had many words about simple things and indepth passions, yet her soul and eyes were ever toward the future. She knew what she wanted and she always pushed herself to reach that goal. Her music was the only thing I knew that could surpass her beauty. Many a nights people would speak aloud and not listen to the melodies of her music, but I listened and I knew one day I would no longer have her music to soothe my aching muscles. I enjoyed anything I could with my friends, for I knew that the world outside of my tribe was cruel and people had to leave. Alanna left on more than one occasion for one reason or another but I really never understood why. Kirra, though, was always there and for that I thank her in my heart daily. Kirra’s one passion has been Jericho and her child. It is a little silly to fall so in love, is my feelings, but from what I hear love can be very powerful. Maybe one day I will feel this, until then I can stop by any brothel and feel the love I need. i warn Jericho now, however. If he ever does anything to harm Kirra, it will not just be me and Alanna coming for him, a tribe of barbarians who live across the sea from him will be coming as well. Lastly we have AShleigh. A man who no one really knew but everyone did as well. He was what everyone wanted to be, free to be themselves. He wanted to be his own deity and as such he would follow only his code of conduct. He worshiped no one and felt others should do the same. He felt a man should be answerable only to himself. He helped me to understand so many people while I was learning to speak and understand the “easy” language as people call it. He had a mean hammer that could crack skulls with an easy wave of his hand, the only problem was that usually his hand didn’t wave the right way and he missed most of the time, but practice makes perfect and even gods make mistakes…he just usually made them in the battle field… with his hammer. But he is a great man. He saved us from Draktheori and he saved us from certain doom from some lycantheori creature. I knew at once he wasn’t dead, but everyone was mourning his death. i silently laughed as I knew soon he would walk through the door and wonder why he was being mourned while he was still living. To this day I still laugh. I know the truth and soon everyone else will know as well.

My friends have shown me what it means to live and now it is time to say goodbye to our group. My other friends Grimm, Micah, Logan, Jericho, Marius, as well as Collin and a few others have all taought me a lot about life. I cannot go around waiting for things to happen to me. I forsook the spirits becuase they would not help me in life, I felt. When I stopped looking for them, they pushed me in a direction without me even knowing about it. THey are sneaky little things and now I understand why some journeys take a long time. I must not listen for spirits, I must follow my heart, as my heart is the only thing that can truly hear the spirits. My heart was thrown for a loop when I saw Arklet alive and well in the grasslands, my arch nemesis, the man who overthrew my father and after words I overthrew him…over a cliff. He survived the fall and dared to speak ill of my clan and father. I saw the clan then, in my mind. I saw them and everything they had taught me. Strength is important, but sometimes you need to think before you can fight back. Instead of attacking him where I was, I waited and watched. We were tied up for 3 days until my father and the clan of the dragons came to attack the village of the barbarians. He released us and I brought the girls back to the base of my clan. I went back into battle, looking for blood. I found it. Arklet was waiting for me and he pulled out an axe meaner looking than his old one. I wrestled him a bit, but he had gotten wise to y old ways. He was able to take a few chunks of flesh from my body, but soon I had him on the ground and snoring away. That was the end of him. his skull was mine the moment he passed out. I used his own weapon to behead him. I ripped away his armor and used it myself to aid in combat against the rest of the people attacking us. We won, although I had to be carried back. My friends healed me and allowed me to live. My father than told me it was time for him to retire. It was time for me to take my rightful place as leader. I felt numb. I knew that one day I would have a choice, but a choice of leadership of the people I loved? I talked it over with my Alanna, and Kirra. They were sad, but understood my choice. I took the lead as the Clan of the Dragons chief. I will lead my people south to help Alanna and Kirra find Jericho and Logan. I will then lead them north where we will setup a beach settlement outside of Sabwa, where we can protect them if needed. I have so much to thank them for, it is the least I can do for them. The spirits work in wondrous ways…but I still don’t believe that Kord told them to do it.


buckdadd Migrandasa

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