Ghosts of Illidia


All time I away I think about my people. I sent to do my spirit journey and always taught to listen to self…yet ever since Grimm I feel like I hear spirits more. Spirits sometimes wrong, but Grimm say I must decide for self what I think Spirits mean. And maybemore spirits in my head than 1? If I listen to spirits and listen top self about spirits is that what spirit journey about? I feel rage inside me and a strength I cannot feel, yet I know it there. Not just muscle strength, but sort of ….. strength of heart. I feel for friends, feel pain of others, yet when I hurt something makes mefeel better if it for someone, not just to do it. I think I figure out that strength only good if used rightly…I think. Still don’t know. Grimm say It bad to punch someone who cannot fight back….maybe I need to watch people more before fight…it help me fight them…or it help me figure out not to fight. What I just say..? not fight? WOuld my elders approve? Is spirits tricking me? I will find out about the feeling of power and heart in me…I just wish I smart sometime to understand what that mean


buckdadd Migrandasa

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