Ghosts of Illidia


I do not want to waste Jericho’s book. I know that it meant a lot to him and I only hope that I can do the remaining pages justice, trying to live up to the poetry that he has written. My pen is more used to writing song than poem but perhaps I will be able to do both with this book. My first entry is entitled “Shadowlight”.

  • “Shadowlight”
  • Evil! My mind calls;
  • Warns my wild heart.
  • Midnight shadow-skin caused this
  • And shadowed skin cannot
  • Be undone; cannot
  • Be Good…not in the least.
  • My treacherous heart -
  • It disagrees;
  • Speaks of maybes,
  • Of things unseen.
  • Nervously, my hands
  • Stow kindling, just in case.
  • Mingled in shadowlight
  • Sweet candle-lit caress.
  • Your skin touches mine:
  • Ignites; white fires
  • Burn, consuming, and, in their light
  • I can no longer tell you from I.
  • Black skin or white?
  • Is it truly important,
  • When the heart is alight:
  • Burning still; deeper,
  • Stronger than foreseen…
  • Longer and purer; racing eternity.
  • And I am whole, in shadowlight.


(ooc – I seriously hate textile formatting or whatever this uses. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make a line break without making it either skip a line or put the whole block of text on just one line!! rargh!! :/ )


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