Ghosts of Illidia


This is another poem that I managed to write in Jericho’s book. It is entitled “Reflections” :

  • Reflections
  • Harmony. Dissonance.
  • Darkness…Light
  • Sound & Silence
  • Death yet Life.
  • Colossal dragon
  • Or tiny nixie…
  • Does water quench the flames or
  • Do flames burn water to nothing?
  • Sword bleeds truth
  • Or is it lies?
  • Blended to gray
  • It’s hard to tell
  • Where one begins… where one ends…
  • Is the Celestial pure and good and right
  • Without the Abyss to counter it?
  • One being, torn in twain?
  • Or perfected in dichotomy?


buckdadd Spirit_Healer_Mage

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