Ghosts of Illidia

Of Ruins & Lost Knowledge

Restless and not knowing what to do to help Ashleigh, especially with Alanna close by, attending to everything he might need, I decided to venture out into the forested area surrounding Sabwa. I found something very interesting the fourth day in. As I was walking along, I stumbled across some circular ruins made of old, weathered stone. My curiosity piqued by the stones, I made my way back to Sabwa and informed everyone of what I had found. We all made our way back to the ruins, where Alanna cast some sort of spell that allowed her to view magical items. We discovered that inside the ruins, where we had thought the floor was, was in actuality rotting wooden boards, with some sort of room underneath. I found a door that led downward. Jericho went down the ladder first and proclaimed it safe enough, so I followed suit. Alanna followed a little less gracefully, accidentally falling through the ceiling above and landing a little ways away from us. She found a box that still glowed with some sort of magic after all these years. She took it and went back up to the rest of the group. I spied some papers setting on one of the shelves and grabbed them, astonishment growing as I tried to read the things and realized that they were very, very old. The words, while still resembling Common, did not flow or look like the normal Common that we use today. It seemed ancient; archaic. A low whistle escaped my lips as my eyes ran over the odd words.

Everyone made their way back to Sabwa, where Grimm took off the padlock from the small box. Gingerly looking inside, we found an ancient book; in the same sort of old Common as the other papers I had found. I cast a small spell to strengthen the book so it wouldn’t fall apart and Marius cast another spell and began to read us the passages. Over the next few days we made out as much of it as we could. It turned out to be some sort of diary, written by a man named Cedric Graven. The book we dubbed Graven’s Ledger. The things we found out led us to believe that perhaps we could find some sort of cure for Ashleigh by investigating this further. From reading the ledger, we determined that the best place to start searching would be back at the Phoenix Tree. The next morning, Alanna, Jericho, and I set out to find what we could. We would be in time to save Ashleigh. We had to be.


buckdadd Spirit_Healer_Mage

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