Ghosts of Illidia

Journal Entry 1: Alanna

What an adventure!

I didn’t bargain for the adventure I’ve found myself upon. Not that I’m complaining. I’m excited to finally be able to see the world and use my magic to become the best that I can. I love the adventure and I’m finding so much more inside myself than I knew I had. I am finding my magic and I will use it for good.

After leaving my village, I went wandering, going to the capital to find I don’t know what; a purpose perhaps. While wandering, I heard friendly voices. Upon trying to see the owners of those voices, I found myself caught in a trap made for catching rabbits. The owner of the trap was a half-orc named Jig Sawyer who helped me out and asked if I could help remove a curse on his friend. When I said that I’d try he picked me up and carried me to a fire that he and the said friend were roasting rabbit on. I heard the story of an elf named Kiira Stardancer who had the curse of looking like a drow. A man named Ashleigh Cavanaugh also joined our group around the fire. I’m not sure how I feel about Ashleigh Cavanaugh. He seems a decent fellow, but I don’t trust him and I can’t say why. I have become protective of Kiira Stardancer and promised to help find a way to remove the curse that’s on her. Poor Kiira Stardancer. Jig Sawyer is a very nice half orc. I instinctively liked him; he has a kind soul.

When we first started our adventure to the capital, we heard a woman screaming. We killed the creatures around her dead body, but realized afterwards that she had been dead for awhile. We buried her body and then returned to our quest. But later that night, while Kiira Stardancer was keeping watch, the lady appeared in the fire to thank us for helping her. This spookedAshleigh Cavanaugh. The next night the same thing happened to [[:28635] but she also added that she needed some help. We don’t know what to make of it, but Ashleigh Cavanaugh is even more disturbed. We continued on our way. While walking we encountered some horrible creatures and Jig Sawyer horribly mutilated their bodies. It reminded me of when I was younger and the orcs came to our town and killed many of the people I knew, including my father, rest his soul. After our narrow escape from those creatures, we came across this strange little village with a gnoll, a drow, a werewolf, and gods know what else. They seem nice enough, although the werewolf didn’t like us at first and Kiira Stardancer is having some issues with the drow, understandably. We’re sleeping here for the night and then we will leave on the morrow. We need to reach the capital to get this curse removed from Kiira Stardancer.


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