Ghosts of Illidia

In Sabwa Again

Grateful that Alanna was back with us and safe, I gave her one last fierce hug as she got up and slowly made her way towards Marius’s house. I took a deep breath and, while the others were busy welcoming Logan back, I slipped back towards our house and laid a carefully written letter letter on top of the bookcase, one of Jericho’s favorite books propped on top of it to draw his attention. That task completed, I slipped towards out of the city, only looking back once as I let out a small sigh, and made myself comfortable in the surrounding woods outside of Sabwa. Life had become overly complicated as of late. I kind of missed the abundant time I had had for introspection while I was wandering on my own. I unrolled my bed roll and sat contemplating everything that had gone on recently. I watched the sun as it set over the ocean, its peaceful beauty overwhelming my senses. I had forgotten how sweet it was to just sit and watch the day go by, to hear the birds as they nestled in for the night, listen as the day-world went to sleep and the creatures of the night slowly began to wake up. My heart peaceful once more, I decided that it didn’t matter what Jericho’s decision was. Either way, I would be content and we would support each other. I was so peaceful out in the forest that I couldn’t bring myself to make my way back to Sabwa. When Jericho joined me later in the day, I was happy to see him and I ate a small meal as he told me that he had decided to go with me should I leave Sabwa to try and find a cure for Ashleigh. Though I told him that I didn’t want him to go because I feared for my safety, deep in my heart I was overjoyed that we wouldn’t have to be apart again. We talked for awhile and then found our way into each others arms once more… A while later, we had discarded our clothing and made our way into the ocean surrounding Sabwa. The air cleared, I was enjoying the swim and Jericho’s company immensely. I heard a loud voice calling my name and that was when I spied Alanna, on one of her summoned mounts, galloping towards me. I quickly swam to shore and hurriedly threw on one of the shirts that was laying on the ground as she ran to me, her face crumpling as she burst into tears. It turns out that, while she was examining Ashleigh she discovered that he had the blood of a Drokthiiri. Apparently he had been infected at some point. My heart ached as I saw how much the news tore at Alanna’s heart. I did the best I could to reassure her. We had been through so much – gotten through so many obstacles. It wouldn’t end like this. Somehow we would find a way to help him. There was always hope, always something to do. We would find a way. Together. Alanna headed back to Sabwa, and after calling to Jericho and getting dressed, we did so as well. When we got back, Alanna was impatiently sitting on the front steps of Jericho and I’s house. She asked if it would be possible to move Ashleigh into our house. Jericho and I threw each other a look and said that it would be fine with us. Jericho and Alanna went to move Ashleigh and I made my way into the house. I cracked open the book I had found for Jericho, Oddities of Celestia and read what I could of it. It had an interesting story about the origins of Celestials and how they had once been mortal beings who had been gathered together, some being chosen as Celestials and others thrown down and labeled as “the damned”. Alanna went upstairs to the room Ashleigh was in. After talking to Alanna, we had decided to stay in Sabwa for now and discover all we could about Ashleigh’s condition before we made our way off the island and tried to find a cure.


buckdadd Spirit_Healer_Mage

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